Live Review: Municipal Waste at Camden Underworld, 16/06/2016

Nuclear Blast Records

Municipal Waste European Summer Tour 2016

Following their return to UK with an appearance at Download Festival, Municipal Waste are finally back in London to really bring ‘the party’.

Opening band Desolator [7] begin proceedings with speed and tenacity. The three-piece thrashers from London (led by what appears to be a Dave Mustaine lookalike), go for the throat with their loose and slightly punky speed metal riffage. Whilst their songs may not differ too greatly from one another, their use of two vocalists with distinct styles ensures that they remain engaging throughout. The Underworld audience responds in kind with some encouraging mosh pits and head-banging aplenty.



Dungeon [7] ensure that there isn’t any let-up in velocity at all. Their heavier use of guitar leads and groovy bass lines allows for their rollicking thrash attack to hit home with extra punch. They certainly go for the throat throughout their brief set, and not even an onstage beer spillage, occasional heckling, nor their lead guitarists disastrous stage dive can stop their momentum. Definite ones to watch for the future.



At long last the kings of party thrash, Municipal Waste [9], arrive- the anticipation and excitement in the cramped confines of the Underworld becomes almost electric. Bolstered by new guitarist Nick Poulos, the ‘Waste deliver a tight and precise set of high-octane, white-hot thrashing tunes. Choosing to delve into their earlier albums, most notably Hazardous Mutation and The Art Of Partying, the band deliver song after song with plenty of energy. Thankfully, the audience respond in kind, with an endless stream of crowd surfers, stagedivers, moshers and circle-pitters. Kudos to the fan that dressed up in a resplendent wizard costume for “Sadistic Magician”. Without a doubt, if any band can bring the party vibes, its Municipal Waste.



Municipal Waste

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