Carnifex and Slow Death


Carnifex 2016

Boy am I a sucker for Carnifex. I can’t help it that they write excellent songs and are such nice dudes to meet in person.

Carnifex are undoubtedly one of the most improved deathcore bands that spawned from the mid-00’s scene. Despite not shifting stylistically at the same time as their peers in Whitechapel and Suicide Silence (instead the band took to a brief hiatus), they’re really upping their game on their upcoming release: Slow Death. Having already hinted at incorporating black metal influences in their previous album, Die Without Hope, the band has taken the decision to further explore this direction to a greater degree. Honestly, I think it’s a great decision. Not only does it allow them to differentiate from other deathcore bands, it has also meant that they’ve really taken the time to carefully craft songs that weave the iconic traits of black metal into the hefty riffs that they’ve mastered for over a decade. Just listen to new single “Six Feet Closer To Hell” below to ease yourself into their brand of blackened-deathcore, before checking out their other single “Drown Me In Blood”.



Suffice to say I’m pretty excited for Slow Death. I know my album¬†pre-order is done and dusted.

2 thoughts on “Carnifex and Slow Death

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