Cover Your Tracks: “Existence Is Punishment”


Crowbar circa 2014

For this week’s instalment of Cover Your Tracks I’ll be delving into Crowbar’s sophomore self-titled album for the Beavis and Butt Head approved “Existence Is Punishment”. As always I’ll select a band that can play a cover that is close to the original, and another band to explore new directions with the track. Continue reading


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As of today That Djenty Fool has surpassed 500 visitors- a respectable achievement for a small and niche blog that has only been around since April. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll be stopping anytime soon as I’d love to reach more people across WordPress and Facebook- especially anyone who is interested in collaborating.

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That Djenty Fool

Review: “Beast” By Despised Icon

despised-icon-beast2016 has been an excellent year for deathcore. Some of the genres key names have been releasing new albums (such as Whitechapel, Chelsea Grin and Caliban), are gearing up to release new albums (Carnifex, Thy Art Is Murder/The Acacia Strain/Fit For An Autopsy and Infant Annihilator), or have announced huge tours (such as the Straight Outta Hell Tour). Suffice to say its pretty exciting. However, by far the most exciting announcement out of the deathcore scene this year was the news that Despised Icon would be releasing a new album. After reforming back in 2014 and touring sporadically, they would finally have the chance to follow-up 2009’s Day Of Mourning. It raises an interesting question as to whether the genre’s pioneers could still remain relevant and fresh in a music scene that has grown stale and stagnant over the years. Continue reading

Review: “Ire Digital Deluxe Edition” By Parkway Drive

81h74l9jrol-_sl1425_Although Parkway Drive’s superb album Ire has been out for quite a while now, the band have taken the decision to rerelease it exclusively in a digital format. Instead of reviewing the whole album (which is fantastic by the way), I’ll be reviewing just the three new singles that are part of the ‘Deluxe Edition’- this consists of two new songs and a remix of “A Deathless Song” off of Ire. Continue reading

Cover Your Tracks: “Stranger Aeons”


Entombed circa 1992

Following on from 5 Songs That Need To Be Covered… And The Bands To Do It, I’ve continued the concept as a new series called ‘Cover Your Tracks’. Each instalment in this series will consist of a song from a band, from which I would suggest two bands to cover that particular track- one band would stick fairly close to the original, whilst the other would take a completely different approach. For this first entry, I’ve decided on Entombed’s “Stranger Aeons” from their Clandestine album- a milestone for Swedish death metal. Continue reading

5 Bands I’d Want To See In Their Heyday

crowd-1050x500It’s very easy to look back on history with the benefit of hindsight- we can easily criticize and commend events or figures because we’re aware of the actions and repercussions that proceeded. This same notion can be applied within the context of musicians or artists and their live performances. I’m sure there are plenty of bands that, when you see them performing nowadays, they leave you thinking about how great they would be in a different venue, or playing different material, etc. A lot of these reasons generally stem from the band’s past, and often look towards a time of peak success. With this in mind, I’d like to present 5 bands that would be amazing to see live, but back in their heyday. Continue reading

5 Things I Want To See On The New Within The Ruins Album & 1 Thing I Don’t


Within The Ruins circa 2016

It’s no secret that Within The Ruins are currently hard at work in studio recording the follow-up to 2014’s excellent Phenomena album. They’ve regularly updated fans on their Facebook page, and are doing a great job of building up anticipation for their latest release– I know I’m certainly looking forward to it. With that being said, it’s given me an opportunity to think about what I would personally love to see from one of the most creative bands in the metalcore/deathcore scene. Continue reading

Review: “Mark Of The Blade” by Whitechapel


Whitechapel- Mark Of The Blade

Having promised to redefine “who they are and what they are capable of” in their press release for new album, Whitechapel seem to have turned over a new leaf with latest album Mark Of The Blade. But before you turn your back on one of deathcore’s most cherished bands, perhaps we should see whether those claims hold up on the new album. Continue reading