5 Bands I’d Want To See In Their Heyday

crowd-1050x500It’s very easy to look back on history with the benefit of hindsight- we can easily criticize and commend events or figures because we’re aware of the actions and repercussions that proceeded. This same notion can be applied within the context of musicians or artists and their live performances. I’m sure there are plenty of bands that, when you see them performing nowadays, they leave you thinking about how great they would be in a different venue, or playing different material, etc. A lot of these reasons generally stem from the band’s past, and often look towards a time of peak success. With this in mind, I’d like to present 5 bands that would be amazing to see live, but back in their heyday.

Marilyn Manson

I must confess that I am not a fan of Marilyn Manson’s music- I just never quite ‘got’ it. Lately his music, and a few of his performance as well (Download Festival 2009 and so on), have been uncharacteristically limp and tame for a figure of controversy during the 90s. In spite of this, I would admit that it would be highly tempting to see him in action towards the late 90s, particularly his Antichrist Superstar era. The combination of the stage production (which took visual cues from Nazi rallies), as well as an audience who saw him as fresh and able to shock and enthrall in equal measure, would certainly make for a memorable evening.

Bleeding Through

In all fairness, Bleeding Through didn’t really have much of a heyday, as their output and performances were consistently great. However, the fact that they’re no longer a band just emphasises how much I’d love to see them, particularly as I never got the opportunity to (well, I did have the chance to see them headline Camden Underworld for their final London headline show, but I had an exam the next day so I had to miss it). Seeing them perform classic cuts such as “Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire”, “Rise” and “Kill To Believe” would be absolutely perfect. Still, I suppose I can just watch their ‘This Is Live, This Is Murderous’ DVD instead.


Despite the classic line up having long gone their separate ways (which started when Max Cavalera left the band in 1997), it’s still a source of much anguish when metal fans talk about Brazil’s premier metal act. Although the band has bravely continued with a selection of different members, all that we really want to see is the Cavalera brothers together with Andreas Kisser and Paolo Jr. Ideally it would be the classic line-up performing a selection of their greatest hits up until 1996’s seminal Roots album. The thought of seeing Sepultura tearing through “Roots Bloody Roots”, “Refuse/Resist” and “Beneath The Remains” would be incredible.


The 90s black metal scene in Norway was both vibrant and volatile, and bred new and evil sounds that challenged the prevailing death metal sounds hailing from Florida. Arguably one of the most respected bands from this time period are Darkthrone, a band who have never settled with one style of music. Having started playing death metal before becoming pioneers of their own brand of eerie black metal, before ultimately embracing their punk and crust influences. What is really interesting about Darkthrone is that they’ve only played live a handful of times, as the band has stated that performing on stage doesn’t hold much interest to them. Therefore, being able to see them play one of those few shows, regardless of if it was good or not, would be very special indeed.

Suicide Silence

Whilst there is no doubt that Eddie Hermida is doing a fantastic job fronting the biggest band in the deathcore scene, part of me still yearns for the days when they were fronted by the late Mitch Lucker. The tragic nature of his absence from the band just reinforces how much I would have liked to have seen him perform live. Just the thought of him performing his signature stomp on stage with the band ripping through a rousing rendition of “No Pity For A Coward” or “Unanswered” is awesome enough- but to see it first hand would be phenomenal.


What do you think? Are there bands you’d like to see in their heyday? Feel free to leave a comment, like this blog post, like the Facebook page and follow this blog for more content.

One thought on “5 Bands I’d Want To See In Their Heyday

  1. Totally with you about Marilyn Manson! I went last year to his concert and it was pretty lame – if I remember correctly it wasn’t much longer than an hour and he just performed his usual stunts. I’d love seeing him in his heyday!

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