Cover Your Tracks: “Stranger Aeons”


Entombed circa 1992

Following on from 5 Songs That Need To Be Covered… And The Bands To Do It, I’ve continued the concept as a new series called ‘Cover Your Tracks’. Each instalment in this series will consist of a song from a band, from which I would suggest two bands to cover that particular track- one band would stick fairly close to the original, whilst the other would take a completely different approach. For this first entry, I’ve decided on Entombed’s “Stranger Aeons” from their Clandestine album- a milestone for Swedish death metal.

Bleed From Within

This track has some great grooves and a few melodic licks and flourishes- traits that Bleed From Within excellently mastered on 2013’s Uprising. Whilst the band are no strangers to producing an excellent cover or two, I feel that this particular song complements the band’s strengths, especially their knack for writing catchy and memorable riffs. Throw in a few delicious guitar leads over the top and you have a cover that would stay close enough to the original, yet there would be room for guitarists Craig Gowans and Martyn Evans to play around a bit.


Bleed From Within circa 2013

Heart Of A Coward

The best part of “Stranger Aeons” has to be the steady yet groovy riff that opens the song. In fact the whole song is built upon a lot of rhythmic interplay: from the stop-start verses to the juddering chorus- a band like Heart Of A Coward could really capitalize on these qualities with their own djenty take on the song. If they slowed the tempo of the song down, and added some dark, floaty Meshuggah-like guitar leads over the top, they could completely change the identity of the track.


Heart Of A Coward circa 2015

What do you think? Are these bands suitable choices? Or can you suggest bands who you think would be better suited? Feel free to leave a comment, like this blog post, like the Facebook page and follow this blog for more in the ‘Cover Your Tracks’ series.

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