Cover Your Tracks: “Where The Slime Live”


Morbid Angel circa 1995

The latest instalment of this series takes on a seminal cut from Morbid Angel’s superb 1995 release, Domination. And as usual I’ll be proposing two bands that I feel would be worthy of creating an excellent cover.


If any band is up to the task of handling the works of one of death metal’s most revered acts, then it’s definitely France’s premiere metal band. The Duplantier brothers and co. have readily professed to being fans of Morbid Angel, and considering the overlap between the bands’ sounds (especially when you consider earlier Gojira works), I could imagine that Gojira would produce a cover that stays faithful the original. Whilst I’m sure that they could confidently play a note-for-note rendition of the song, I hope that they’d tweak bits here and there to create a crisp and clearer sound that is more reflective of their own style of metal.


Gojira circa 2016

The Acacia Strain

The steady beat and bleak grooves of “Where The Slime Lives” is just perfectly suited to The Acacia Strain’s own misanthropic strand of death metal-infused hardcore. The band’s low-end assault would make the droning riffs sound absolutely crushing, and Vincent Bennett’s gravelly roar would add a harsher edge to David Vincent’s bubbly grunts. Although Trey Azagthoth’s dissonant psychedelic leads may be somewhat foreign to The Acacia Strain, they could instead play a slightly simpler lead but use a wah pedal to give the solos an otherworldly. That way key parts of the song aren’t lost and it becomes a song that would sound distinctly like The Acacia Strain.


The Acacia Strain circa 2016

What do you think? Are these bands suitable choices? Or can you suggest bands who you think would be better suited? Feel free to leave a comment, like this blog post, like the Facebook page and follow this blog for more in the ‘Cover Your Tracks’ series.

Don’t forget to check out the last entry in this series, which looked at Entombed’s “Stranger Aeons”.

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