Cover Your Tracks: “Existence Is Punishment”


Crowbar circa 2014

For this week’s instalment of Cover Your Tracks I’ll be delving into Crowbar’s sophomore self-titled album for the Beavis and Butt Head approved “Existence Is Punishment”. As always I’ll select a band that can play a cover that is close to the original, and another band to explore new directions with the track.


Brutality Will Prevail

Sonically, this is an excellent pairing as both bands take a hardcore template and add doom and sludge references to make a sound that is dark yet still aggressive. Brutality Will Prevail would easily handle the instrumentation aspect of the song, but vocalist Louis Gauthier would provide harsher vocals than Kirk Windstein. With that said, Louis has shown that he is capable of singing so he could add an extra vocal track on top of his heavy screams to add an element of melody to the song, which would be roughly similar to Kirk’s soulful but gruff vocals.


Brutality Will Prevail circa 2014

Touché Amoré

Whilst Crowbar and Touché Amoré originate from a hardcore/punk background, the key difference between the two is the use of their guitars. Crowbar use a heavily distorted crushing tone whereas Touché Amoré use a cleaner guitar tone with a little more reverb to create a more sparse and melodic sound. With this extra melody which the band would utilize for the track, coupled with vocalist Jeremy Bolm’s raw and heart-felt vocal delivery, they could create a song with more emphasis on the emotional weight of the song, rather than just conventional heaviness.


Touche Amore 2016


What do you think? Are these bands suitable choices? Or can you suggest bands who you think would be better suited? Feel free to leave a comment, like this blog post, like the Facebook page and follow this blog for more in the ‘Cover Your Tracks’ series.

Don’t forget to check out the last entry in this series, which looked at Morbid Angel’s “Where The Slime Live”.


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