Live Review: Parkway Drive at Reading Festival, 27/08/2016

Sandra Sorensen Band Photography London

Photo Credit: Sandra Sorenson

Although Reading Festival is no stranger to the sounds of metal- after all, Metallica headlined last year- this years line up seemed somewhat thin on heavier acts. Nevertheless, the main stage still played host to arguably Australia’s most successful metal band: Parkway Drive. Continue reading


10 Underrated British Metal Albums

keep-calm-and-keep-british-metal-aliveA month or so ago, Metal Hammer magazine published a feature in which they listed the 100 greatest metal albums of the 21st Century. Whilst it was undoubtedly an interesting read with plenty of topics for discussion, one thing that the magazine noted on their website, was that there was only one album from a British band in their top 10 (which was Bring Me The Horizon’s Sempiternal). They then went on to explain this problem and why this is the case- which strikes me as rather odd as the magazine were responsible for creating the list and it was their decision to not feature any  (essentially a problem of their own creation). So, in the interest of fairly representing UK bands, I thought I would offer up 10 albums from UK bands that I feel are worthy of being mentioned in the list. Continue reading

Review: “The Apothic Gloom” By Skeletonwitch

skeletonwitch-the-apothic-gloomBack in April I discussed the announcement of an upcoming Skeletonwitch EP in this blog’s very first post, as part of 5 Things I Want To See On The New Skeletonwitch EP & 1 Thing I Don’t. Now, after the months of waiting, we can finally come full circle and listen to the EP, which the band posted on SoundCloud. Continue reading

Monday Fun Day: Metal Albums With Googly Eyes

IMG_0046Over the weekend I found two googly eyes stuck to my shoe after work- and the only sensible course of action was to stick said googly eyes on to a selection of album covers that I have. I like to think of this as a little homage to the Tumblr page Metal Albums With Googly Eyes. Enjoy. Continue reading

Review: “Slow Death” by Carnifex

carnifexAt last the wait is finally over. When Carnifex dropped the news that they’d be releasing a new album that, according to vocalist Scott Lewis, was going to “reshape our genre and be looked back on as an album that started a new movement for aggressive, dark metal”, the metal community collectively sat up and took notice. The band had started incorporating a few black metal influences into their deathcore palette on their post-hiatus comeback Die Without Hope, but the news that they would be heading further down that route was exciting to say the least. The three singles that they release (“Drown Me In Blood”, “Six Feet Closer To Hell” and “Slow Death”) showed that they weren’t just talking a big game but were actually delivering the goods. And now that the whole album has arrived we can finally determine if all the hype was justified. Continue reading

Cover Your Tracks: “Rise Above”


Black Flag circa 1982

For the latest addition to this series I’ve decided to hark back to a classic album from an influential band. Black Flag are regarded as one of the key figures of punk and hardcore music (with Henry Rollins as the archetypal ‘hard as nails’ frontman), and their debut album Damaged is a sharp shot of vitriolic teenage angst. It’s hard to choose just one song from the album, considering how there are standout tunes such as “Six Pack”, “TV Party” and “Spray Paint”, but for this week’s Cover Your Tracks I’ve opted for the opening number: “Rise Above”. Continue reading

Pinterest Page Go!

pinterest_logo-3As of today That Djenty Fool will be posting to Pinterest- I want to continue expanding this blog and add another social media platform to the existing Facebook page. Hopefully this will encourage my posts to incorporate more images and visuals (which I may be creating myself), and potentially reach a broader audience.

So to all the followers and newcomers, I strongly encourage you to; follow the blog, sign up to the email updates, like the Facebook page and follow the Pinterest account. The support this blog has received has been a real driving force for me to carry on this venture- without it I would have given up a while ago.

I’ve already added one or two existing posts onto the Pinterest account and I’ll be adding more throughout the week.

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