The Versatile Blogger Award

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Having only just recently posted about reaching 500 visitors on That Djenty Fool, I’m delighted to start the month having received an accolade from a blog that I respect and admire.

Last week That Djenty Fool received a nomination for ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’, courtesy of Jonny from sci.casual in his recent post “…people are reading this?“. Without wanting to make too much of a fuss over it, I’m honestly quite flattered that this blog was chosen- the fact that there are people enjoying the content I post, let alone reading it, is overwhelming. It’s hard to express how thankful I am that you’ve taken the time to check out what is posted on this blog, and an extra special thank you for Jonny for even considering what I write about being worthy of an award.

As part of ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’ there are a few rules/obligations to carry out, which are as follows:

  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Thank whomever nominated you.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other blogs for ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’
  • Link those nominees to let them know of their nomination.

So without further ado, I’ll share 7 facts about myself:

  1. I was born in July 1997.
  2. I’m from England and I was born and raised in London.
  3. I’m a full-time student studying Architecture at a university in London.
  4. I’ve always had a passion for music, even at a young age- I was seven years old when I bought my first album, Green Day’s American Idiot.
  5. The first band that I ever saw live was Placebo on their Battle For The Sun tour at the O2 Brixton Academy.
  6. I’ve been playing guitar for the last 10 years (albeit not very well) and my pride and joy is a Gibson 2013 LPJ .
  7. I love reading about metal music- I have piles of issues of Metal Hammer magazine, along with a small library of obscure books covering a range of genres from black metal through to Swedish death metal.

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With that out of the way, I’d like to introduce to you 15 blogs that I really enjoy (and I hope that you do too) and that I’d like to nominate for ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’.

  1. APlaceWeLike– a travel blog that I’ve started following recently that has some fantastic photographs- it makes me want to travel the world.
  2. Wonderbox Metal– provides great reviews of a range of metal bands.
  3. Wall Of Sound– great music site that covers news, interviews and reviews for rock/indie/metal bands.
  4. Peace Love Black Metal– the best source for all things black metal.
  5. Nine Circles– providing a different spin on the underground scene, especially with their opinion columns.
  6. OverDriver– started solely as a music blog but is now incorporating new themes and ideas with their great content.
  7. Lights Overhead– I’m not much of a film buff but I still enjoy this blog, particularly when they discuss broader issues in film.
  8. The Lizard in Black– unorthodox and off-beat reviews of obscure underground metal bands, i.e. the best kind of reviews.
  9. The Fraudsters’ Almanac– a little bit of everything from music, books, film, TV, beer and lifestyle- what more could you want?
  10. Metal Music Reviews– pretty self-explanatory but brilliant nonetheless.
  11. SongSavers– a comprehensive compendium of the weird and wonderful areas of music.
  12. SVBTERRANEAN– my go to blog for all things extreme in music.
  13. Citizen Sketcher– a beautiful art blog with excellent tutorials for a budding artist.
  14. Everything Heavy– at last a blog that covers my favourite bands (and does so in a different way to other blogs)!
  15. Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook– some of the most exquisite and outstanding architectural sketches I’ve seen.


And there you have it! I hope that you take the time to check out as many of these bloggers that I’ve listed here, as they are all worthy of your attention.

Once again I’d like to thank Jonny for the nomination, and as always please like this post, leave a comment, follow this blog, and like the Facebook page for more content.


7 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

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  2. Thank you for introducing us to so many more interesting bloggers!! I liked many of them a lot and will follow them.
    And also it would be really great if you could visit my blog sometime and tell me your thoughts about it 🙂

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