Cover Your Tracks: “Rise Above”


Black Flag circa 1982

For the latest addition to this series I’ve decided to hark back to a classic album from an influential band. Black Flag are regarded as one of the key figures of punk and hardcore music (with Henry Rollins as the archetypal ‘hard as nails’ frontman), and their debut album Damaged is a sharp shot of vitriolic teenage angst. It’s hard to choose just one song from the album, considering how there are standout tunes such as “Six Pack”, “TV Party” and “Spray Paint”, but for this week’s Cover Your Tracks I’ve opted for the opening number: “Rise Above”.


Everything about Converge’s own brand of gnarly hardcore is just suited to an early Black Flag song. There’s the rollicking riffs, frantic drum/rhythm work and a frontman who is punk incarnate- in fact, Converge are a bit of a modern-day Black Flag. I can definitely envisage the band doing a cover that would be fairly similar to the original, but the only difference would be that the production would be thicker with more bass, and Converge frontman Jacob Bannon would incorporate harsh screams and melodic vocals as well.


Converge circa 2012

Toxic Holocaust

If any band is best suited to take a short, rage-filled punk tune and make it their own, its got to be Toxic Holocaust. The band’s mastermind Joel Grind could transform the song into a crusty thrash anthem, replete with a filthy guitar tone, faster drum work and Joel’s signature snarl. When you’ve added some gang-chants and a blazing solo into the mix then you have a song which really has Toxic Holocaust’s stamp all over it.


Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust


What do you think? Are these bands suitable choices? Or can you suggest bands who you think would be better suited? Feel free to leave a comment, like this blog post, like the Facebook page , follow the Pinterest page, and follow this blog for more in the ‘Cover Your Tracks’ series.

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