Live Review: Parkway Drive at Reading Festival, 27/08/2016

Sandra Sorensen Band Photography London

Photo Credit: Sandra Sorenson

Although Reading Festival is no stranger to the sounds of metal- after all, Metallica headlined last year- this years line up seemed somewhat thin on heavier acts. Nevertheless, the main stage still played host to arguably Australia’s most successful metal band: Parkway Drive.

Never ones to disappoint in a live setting, Parkway Drive [9] deliver a masterful set that encompasses everything needed for a festival crowd. The band clearly understood that the audience awaiting them at Reading wouldn’t consistent mainly of fans who were acquainted with them, and from the start they set about to convert the punters. It didn’t hurt for Parkway to draw upon a fair portion of their most recent album, Ire, which incorporates far more guitar lines and vocal melodies that would be more palatable to a more partisan crowd.

Sandra Sorensen Band Photography London

Photo Credit: Sandra Sorenson

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that this was a light-hearted affair- the audience responded with all the zeal and fury that you’d expect at a metal show. Heavy and fast numbers such as “Karma”, “Crushed” and an explosive ending of “Bottom Feeder” ensure that the bands signature brutality encouraged a fevered reaction. Mosh pits and two-stepping? Yep. Circle pits the likes of which have never been seen at Reading? You betcha. Parkway have garnered a reputation as a fun live band, and they made sure that crowd participation was at the forefront of their interaction with the Reading masses.

What could have easily been a difficult afternoon was spectacularly turned into an assured display of top-notch showmanship. Not that you’d expect anything less from the boys from Byron Bay.

Set List:

  1. Destroyer
  2. Carrion
  3. Vice Grip
  4. Karma
  5. Writings On The Wall
  6. Wild Eyes
  7. Crushed
  8. Bottom Feeder

You can see the band’s entire set in HD over on BBC Iplayer.

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