Cover Your Tracks: “White Riot”

The Clash 1977 Westway Photosessions

The Clash circa 1977

For this latest addition to Cover Your Tracks I’ll be taking a politically charged anthem from The Clash’s 1977 self-titled debut album. Although this punk anthem was written about the riots at Notting Hill Carnival in 1976, the controversial topics of class and race are just as relevant and thought-provoking today. Continue reading


Saturday Slaylist 24/09/16: Darkthrone


Darkthrone circa 2015

If you’ve kept your eyes and ears peeled for all the latest news in metal, I’m sure you will have undoubtedly heard about Darkthrone this past week. Although the news that their drummer Fenriz was elected to his local town council under ironic circumstances is humorous, the real news that should be grabbing the headlines is the impending release of their latest opus: Arctic Thunder. So in preparation, I’ve compiled this weeks Slaylist to focus solely on the bands back catalogue. Continue reading

Review: “Infinite / Unknown” by Carcer City

ftp7v53y4cuIts been nearly four years since Liverpool’s Carcer City released an album (2012’s The Road Journals), but plenty has changed for the band in that time. After experiencing a serious bus crash and a line-up change, its understandable that the band would be transformed after such trials and tribulations- a change that is reflected in their latest opus, Infinite / Unknown. Continue reading

Saturday Slaylist 17/09/16: Unearth


Unearth circa 2015

For this week’s Saturday Slaylist I thought I’d shine the spotlight on one of my favourite bands: Unearth. Although the band are often labelled as metalcore, there is far more to them than your standard genre tropes. For nearly twenty years the band have blended their beefed-up breakdowns with neo-classical tinged shredding and more hooks than a fisherman’s convention. Continue reading

Live Review: Born Of Osiris at O2 Academy Islington, 15/09/2016


Sumerian Alliance Europe 2016

Following on from the Sumerian Records Ten Year Tour in the USA, it’s now Europe and the UK’s turn to celebrate Sumerian Records 10th birthday with an evening of djenty-goodness! Co-headlining the tour are the label’s flagship bands, Born Of Osiris and Veil Of Maya, joined by their fellow compatriots in Volumes and Black Crown Initiate. Continue reading

5 Things I Would Like To See On The New Metallica Album & 1 Thing I Don’t


Hardwired Single Artwork

Although I made a post a while ago that questioned whether we need a new Metallica album, and whether it would be beneficial to the band, I promptly had to eat my words when the band dropped the title track from their new album: Hardwired… To Self-Destruct. Despite being one of the shortest songs in the band’s career, it was the hard-hitting shot of thrashy-goodness that the metal community had been yearning for. So in anticipation for when their DOUBLE album (yes, you read that right) drops on November 18th, I’ve set about my list of things I can’t wait to see on the albums, as well as 1 thing I don’t. Continue reading

1000 Visitors!?


It’s surreal to think that little over six weeks ago I was celebrating achieving 500 visitors on this blog- and now I’ve passed the 1000 mark (in truth it’s not too far from 1500 now). This past week has seen an unprecedented amount of exposure and support for this blog, courtesy of the good folks in Jungle Rot and Carcass, as well as you- the readers. While this is by no means exceptional when compared to many other, far more popular, blogs and sites I’m still incredibly grateful to those of you who have actually taken the time to check out my silly posts and opinions.

I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate your support and feedback- I genuinely take the time to read over your comments, see who has subscribed to the blog, liked the Facebook page, or shared my Pinterest pins. If you genuinely have something to say about the site, whether there are things you like or dislike, I try my best to read it and act upon it in order to provide you with content that is of a particular quality. If you’re a fellow blogger or budding writer, then I’d love to hear your feedback in particular- and if you’re interested in collaborating or organising a guest post then please leave a message on the contact form on the About page.

So if you’ve enjoyed any of the content I’ve been posting over the last few months then please hit that like button, leave a comment, share any posts that you like and don’t forget to like the Facebook page as well. And if you have already liked the Facebook page, then please share it with your friends. Every little bit helps.


That Djenty Fool

Saturday Slaylist 10/09/16: Best Of British


Still hungry for a selection of sweet new tunes having checked out my list of 10 Underrated British Metal Albums? Well, not to worry as I’ve trawled through a selection of tracks from some of the best bands the UK has to offer, whether its underground acts such as Alone With Wolves, Continents or Incinery, or big names such as Architects, While She Sleeps or Bury Tomorrow. I’ve got your back, homie! Continue reading