1000 Visitors!?


It’s surreal to think that little over six weeks ago I was celebrating achieving 500 visitors on this blog- and now I’ve passed the 1000 mark (in truth it’s not too far from 1500 now). This past week has seen an unprecedented amount of exposure and support for this blog, courtesy of the good folks in Jungle Rot and Carcass, as well as you- the readers. While this is by no means exceptional when compared to many other, far more popular, blogs and sites I’m still incredibly grateful to those of you who have actually taken the time to check out my silly posts and opinions.

I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate your support and feedback- I genuinely take the time to read over your comments, see who has subscribed to the blog, liked the Facebook page, or shared my Pinterest pins. If you genuinely have something to say about the site, whether there are things you like or dislike, I try my best to read it and act upon it in order to provide you with content that is of a particular quality. If you’re a fellow blogger or budding writer, then I’d love to hear your feedback in particular- and if you’re interested in collaborating or organising a guest post then please leave a message on the contact form on the About page.

So if you’ve enjoyed any of the content I’ve been posting over the last few months then please hit that like button, leave a comment, share any posts that you like and don’t forget to like the Facebook page as well. And if you have already liked the Facebook page, then please share it with your friends. Every little bit helps.


That Djenty Fool


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