Live Review: Born Of Osiris at O2 Academy Islington, 15/09/2016


Sumerian Alliance Europe 2016

Following on from the Sumerian Records Ten Year Tour in the USA, it’s now Europe and the UK’s turn to celebrate Sumerian Records 10th birthday with an evening of djenty-goodness! Co-headlining the tour are the label’s flagship bands, Born Of Osiris and Veil Of Maya, joined by their fellow compatriots in Volumes and Black Crown Initiate.

Opening tonight’s proceedings are Black Crown Initiate [7], who have the unenviable task of warming up the crowd before the venue is even half-full. The band produce a rousing effort on their first London show as the dark and dense riff workouts are warmly received by the sparse crowd. It’s a shame that the bands set is so short (around twenty minutes or so) as towards the end they start to gather momentum.


Black Crown Initiate

Volumes [9] arrive next with plenty of swagger and bravado that you’d be convinced that they were headlining. Dual frontmen Gus Farias and Myke Terry work perfectly in combination, as they amp up the crowd to mosh and bounce along to the bands tight rhythmic grooves. It doesn’t hurt either that the band have massive tunes in their arsenal, which the audience sing with gusto, before ending with a crushing rendition of “Wormholes”.



A lesser band would be daunted at thought of following up such a set, but Veil Of Maya [9] aren’t such a band. They ensure that energy levels don’t dip as they play a set list chock full of fan favourites and new delights. The intricate fret work of guitarist Marc Okubo is a spectacle to behold, especially on set highlight “It’s Not Safe To Swim Today”, as his dazzling leads or chunky riffs captivate and excite the crowd in equal measure. New frontman Lukas Magyar is assured and confident in his delivery, ensuring that the fans join him in sing-alongs and screams in a triumphant display.


Veil Of Maya

All this just leaves tonight’s headliners Born Of Osiris [8]. Although they don’t immediately make the impact that Volumes and Veil Of Maya conjured, they grow into their set and end with the audience in the palm of their hands. It helps particularly when the band delve into some of their older material, particularly “Bow Down” or an encore of “Follow The Signs” that sends the crowd into fevered raptures of jumping and moshing. Through the strategic use of brutal breakdowns and majestic choruses the band provoke the audience into some of the biggest pits of the evening to allow the evening to end on a glorious high.


Born Of Osiris


Born Of Osiris

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