Saturday Slaylist 17/09/16: Unearth


Unearth circa 2015

For this week’s Saturday Slaylist I thought I’d shine the spotlight on one of my favourite bands: Unearth. Although the band are often labelled as metalcore, there is far more to them than your standard genre tropes. For nearly twenty years the band have blended their beefed-up breakdowns with neo-classical tinged shredding and more hooks than a fisherman’s convention.

So for this Slaylist I’ve selected three tracks from each of the band’s five albums; The Stings Of Conscience (2001), The Oncoming Storm (2004), III: In The Eyes Of Fire (2006), The March (2008), Darkness In The Light (2011) and Watchers Of Rule (2014). However, the band has arguably one of the most consistent back-catalogues of any metal act, so I’d strongly urge you to delve deeper and beyond the tracks in this playlist as there are so many great tunes that I’ve missed out.


Any suggestions for songs or themes for future Saturday Slaylists? Feel free to leave a comment, like this blog post, like the Facebook page , follow the Pinterest page, and follow this blog for more content.

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