Saturday Slaylist 08/10/16: Heaven Shall Burn


Heaven Shall Burn circa 2016

Having just released their 8th album (Wanderer), as well as celebrating their twentieth anniversary, I think there’s no better time to get thoroughly acquainted with arguably Germany’s best extreme metal band: Heaven Shall Burn.

Forming in 1996, Heaven Shall Burn started out as a predominantly death metal based act. However, the band quickly became assimilated into a very contemporary form of death metal, much akin to the NWOAHM, that showcased their love of hardcore music as well as their fondness for brutal stalwarts like Bolt Thrower. Whilst this manner may have characterised their earlier works, such as 2000’s Asunder and its follow-up Whatever It May Take, the band started to incorporate far more guitar based melodies that evoked key European metal bands such as At The Gates, In Flames and Dark Tranquility.

Their newfound melodeath/metalcore sensibilities culminated in a trio of top-notch albums: Antigone (2004), Deaf To Our Prayers (2006) and Iconoclast Part 1: The Final Resistance (2008). These three albums resulted in classic tunes such as “The Weapon They Fear”, “Counterweight” and “Endzeit”- all of which are still staples of the band’s live performances. Across their recent works the band has slowly but surely started to introduce new elements to the formidable sound, like industrial-tinged drums and electronic ambience. In spite of this their own style has always been reliable and dependable, without any real discernible dip in quality.


  • Antigone (2004)
  • Iconoclast Part 1: The Final Resistance (2008)

Highly Recommended

  • Deaf To Our Prayers (2006)


  • Whatever It May Take (2002)

Wild Card

  • Veto (2013)

Fans Only

  • Invictus: Iconoclast III (2010)
  • Wanderer (2016)


  • Asunder (2000)


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