Cover Your Tracks: “Psychosocial”


Slipknot circa 2015

This weeks entry to Cover Your Tracks will look at arguably one of the most iconic songs from Iowa titans’ Slipknot latter-day works. Taken from their 2008 album All Hope Is Gone, “Psychosocial” neatly encapsulates all things Slipknot; from the gargantuan percussive assault through to the addictive and catchy chorus, there’s everything there to satisfy an avid fan. Here are two bands that I feel could do an awesome cover of this huge tune:


If there is ever a band more suited to the barrage of brutal riffs on display in “Psychosocial”, its Aborted. The Belgian deathsters would provide precise blasts of technical fury that will really ramp up the heavier aspects of the track, and frontman Sven De Caluwe has a diverse vocal range of screams and grunts to replace the vocal work laid down by Slipknot singer Corey Taylor. There may not be any sing-along choruses, but there will be crushing brutality to get any metal fan moshing and headbanging.


Aborted circa 2016


Having taken a few cues from the nascent nu-metal scene that Slipknot were lumped into at the turn of the millennium, Vanna have shown that can bring the chunky grooves and swagger for such a hulking tune (just look at their recent ALT EP). Whilst it might not be as technical or riff-heavy as the original, Vanna would definitely make it sound gnarly and nasty, especially with Davey Muise’s snarling feral vocal delivery. That being said, co-vocalist and guitarist Joel Pastuszak would bring his gritty yet syrupy-sweet melodies to keep the listener hooked during the chorus.


Vanna circa 2016

What do you think? Are these bands suitable choices? Or can you suggest bands who you think would be better suited? Feel free to leave a comment, like this blog post, like the Facebook page , follow the Pinterest page, and follow this blog for more in the ‘Cover Your Tracks’ series.

Don’t forget to check out the last entry in this series, which looked at The Clash’s “White Riot”.

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