Live Review: Impericon Never Say Die! Tour 2016 at Electric Ballroom, 06/11/2016


Impericon Never Say Die! Tour 2016

Want to know what happens when Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder, Carnifex, Obey The Brave, Fallujah, Make Them Suffer and Polar sell out Camden’s Electric Ballroom?

Openers Polar [7] commence the evening with plenty of energy and enthusiasm, as their melodic yet metallic hardcore elicits respectable mosh pits so early in the day. Aussies Make Them Suffer [7] take a more symphonic approach than their deathcore peers, but it provides a unique twist that the audience responds positively to. Fallujah [6] are certainly the most technically proficient band on the line-up, and their ambient and technical brand of death metal is normally a joy to behold. Unfortunately tonight their challenging music doesn’t quite have the impact on a crowd that just want to move to breakdowns.




Make Them Suffer



The first ‘big’ response of the evening comes from Canada’s Obey The Brave [8]. On record their melodic hardcore sometimes comes off as being ‘The Ghost Inside’-lite, but in a live environment the simplicity of their tunes hits home with fervour and intensity- a job well done. Ensuring that the energy doesn’t drop, Carnifex [9] storm the venue and lay waste with their masterful deathcore bludgeon. Old cuts such as “Lie To My Face” sit perfectly alongside blackened tracks from this year’s brilliant Slow Death– these San Diego lads never disappoint.


Obey The Brave



Fans were left devastated by CJ Mahon’s departure last year, but you couldn’t tell by the way that Thy Art Is Murder [7] frontman Nick Arthur is received by the London audience. The band launch into a fiercely brutal set that culminates with a frenzied rendition of “Reign Of Darkness”- despite a stuttering start the crowd are in raptures by the final breakdown.


Thy Art Is Murder

Its been far too long since Whitechapel [8] last played a headline tour in the UK, so it’s a real shame that a fair portion of the crowd leave before their set even starts. Not that this derails the band, as they commence a taut and muscular display of powerful metal brutality. Relying predominantly on older tracks to satisfy long-serving fans, the band rarely let up  with their sheer ferocity, as frontman Phil Bozeman waves a towel like a psychotic matador. Whilst new album Mark Of The Blade may not have resonated with fans, tonight tracks like “Tremors”, “Mark Of The Blade” and an emotional “Bring Me Home” just make absolute sense. In spite of the naysayers Whitechapel have shown that they are still top of the deathcore pack.




Whitechapel, photo courtesy of Kate Siggins


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