Live Review: Kvelertak at Electric Ballroom, 05/12/2016


Kvelertak Nattesferd Europe Tour

Off the back of their stellar Nattesferd album, Norway’s Kvelertak return to London with support from thrash heavyweights Skeletonwitch.

Kicking off a Monday night at around half eight seems like a dire task, but you wouldn’t know judging by the energy exuding from Skeletonwitch [7]. Their high-octane blackened thrash is blistering tonight and precisely executed, as the band tear through a set that nicely blends their classic works with the darker offerings from their The Apothic Gloom EP. Despite a muted response from the audience, who don’t seem to rouse themselves during the songs, the rapturous applause that greets Skeletonwitch by the end of their 8 minute epic “Red Death, White Light”, surely indicates that they’ve won over a few new fans.






I’ll speak plainly about this- if you weren’t at the Electric Ballroom to see Kvelertak [10], then you missed out on the set of the year. From the first notes through to the last sweat-drenched chord, Kvelertak deliver a masterful set full of raucous rock anthems, catchy melodies and full-blooded metal savagery. The band exert themselves to the full by throwing their bodies and instruments around without caution, resulting in guitarist Maciek Ofstad crowd surfing all the way to the sound desk (where I was stood) to personally thank fans for a brilliant evening. This is what rock and metal should be about; moving people through the power of awesome music to a state of euphoria- and Kvelertak did just that. Well done lads. Well done.







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