Live Review: The Amity Affliction at The Roundhouse, 06/12/2016


The Amity Affliction This Could Be Heartbreak UK Tour 2016

Aussie post-hardcore heavyweights The Amity Affliction team up with fellow countrymen Northlane, as well as Stray From The Path and Wage War, to bring their Antipodean moshfest to London.

Even though the queue to The Roundhouse snakes around Camden high street, there is still a fantastic reception for tonight’s openers Wage War [8]. Their beefed up metalcore is the perfect starter for the evening, as heavy cuts like “Alive” and “The River” provide a metallic crunch that elicits the first moshpits of the night- as well as a bruising wall of death.


Wage War

Hardcore heroes Stray From The Path [8] don’t let the energy drop, and their political slant on heavy music is delivered with menacing conviction. The band drains every last drop of energy from an excitable audience with choice cuts from their excellent Subliminal Criminals album, before a guest appearance from Architects’ own Sam Carter threatens to level the venue as the audience feverishly respond with glee.


Stray From The Path

Next up are djent giants Northlane [7], whose thick guitars and dreamy ambience offer a brief respite from the previous onslaught. Their knack for a melody is a delight to behold, although they struggle to match the intensity set by Stray From The Path. Despite this the venue is still in raptures by the time they reach a euphoric rendition of “Quantum Flux”.



Although The Amity Affliction [6] mainly deal in breakdowns and singalongs, it’s a formula that resonates with those in attendance this evening. CO2 canons and confetti ensure a thrilling start to the evening, as fans eagerly sing back every chorus and scream feverishly. Unfortunately the band’s momentum begins to stall by the half an hour mark as it becomes abundantly clear that there isn’t too much variety in their back catalogue, and sadly the repetition takes its toll on what could have been a triumphant set.


The Amity Affliction


The Amity Affliction

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