Review: “Loss” by Seeker

seeker_loss_3000Despite starting as a deathcore band, Seeker have mutated into something far darker, gnarlier and nastier on their sophomore effort.

Opening with a wall of feedback and distorted chords, Seeker set their stall on their second album and waste no time in delving in to a bleak and misanthropic atmosphere. Over the course of the following nine songs Seeker aim to strip away flesh from bone with their caustic assault of doom soaked grindcore. Each and every song snarls and gnashes with ferocity and venom in a hail of blast beats and tortured screams. Heck even, the guitars sound like they’re screaming in agony on tracks such as “Rot”, which nicely punctuates the hefty lower end chugs.

Amongst the barrage of dense distortion and pummeling drumming there’s room for filthy grooves on “Submit” and thrashy flailings on “Void”, or perhaps doomy melancholy on the sinister lurch of the title track. There’s no real let up in intensity, no pause for the listener to catch their breath- Seeker persistently leap for the jugular with a rusty knife and their teeth bared. Mercifully the band’s nightmarish soundscapes never outstay their welcome, as this break-neck approach to grindcore is perfectly suited to a shorter format.


If there is one minor flaw, it’s that the oppressive bleakness and misery that seeps through this album can feel somewhat one-dimensional, particularly through vocalist Bryce Lucien’s monotone bark. When he switches up his vocal style the songs really benefit from it (for example the album’s standout track “Submit”), and it allows Loss to become the sick masterpiece it deserves to be.


Seeker circa 2016

Rating: 8/10

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