Suicide Silence “Doris” Reaction


Suicide Silence circa 2017

Let’s jump on the bandwagon with this year’s biggest sh*tstorm courtesy of Suicide Silence.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ll undoubtedly be aware of the furore surrounding Suicide Silence’s upcoming self-titled album (due out on February 24th). Having announced that there would be “clean vocals on 70% of the album”, fans have been in a perpetual state of uproar over the potential results of the album- a position exacerbated by the release of their new single “Doris”.

The reaction has been apoplectic to say the least.

Fans have been ripping into the band with real venom and spite for the new sound that the band have opted to explore- citing vocalist Eddie Hermida’s vocal contributions and the nu-metal sound. The snide remarks and criticisms have not been helped by the way that drummer Alex Lopez has handled the feedback– whilst I’m certainly not defending his actions it does raise the question: is this deserved? Is “Doris” really that bad?

See for yourself:

Sure, there’s a significant stylistic shift from the deathcore sound they popularized- instead there is a notable nu-metal presence throughout the song. From the Slipknot and Korn inspired use of feedback, jarring melodies and quiet-loud dynamics, to the Deftones inspired chorus, Suicide Silence are definitely referencing some of the biggest names in nu-metal (and metal in general). There’s still a sense of the band’s older style, as the riffs and drums still pummel as hard as any deathcore band, yet they’ve been filtered through the rough and raw production provided by Ross Robinson. I’ll admit that it’s not my favourite Suicide Silence song by far, but it’s certainly different and therefore memorable- qualities that have sometimes been lacking in the deathcore genre.


Jonathan Davis (Korn) and Eddie Hermida (Suicide Silence)

And let’s be serious here: this change in musical style shouldn’t come as a surprise. Considering that all the band members are in their early thirties and that their formative teenage years were during the height of the nu-metal explosion, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the band members would want to evoke the sounds and bands that they would have listened to and enjoyed. Don’t forget that the band have covered Deftones before (“Engine No. 9”), and have featured Korn’s Jonathan Davis on “Witness The Addiction” (as well as touring with Korn). The band have made it painfully apparent that nu-metal has had an impact on their songwriting- it’s just that this time it is far more prominent. On another note, it also seems ridiculous getting hysterical over Eddie Hermida’s singing when he’s had a history of singing in his previous band All Shall Perish. All in all it just seems odd that people are so taken aback by the band’s new sound- this has been on the cards for a long time.

That being said, I do have one issue with the song. Drawing influence from other bands is one thing, but “Doris” just feels a little too derivative at times- the Chino Moreno and Korn impressions don’t offer anything especially original. It’s a shame because the band managed to balance a host of influences yet maintain a distinct identity on The Black Crown (and no, this isn’t a Mitch Lucker vs Eddie Hermida thing at all). Hopefully their songwriting won’t let them down on the full album and fans can chill about this.

What do you think of Suicide Silence’s latest single? Agree or disagree with what I think? Feel free to leave a comment, like this blog post, like the Facebook page , follow the Pinterest page, and follow this blog for more content.

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