25 Most Anticipated Releases of 2017 (Part Two)

Featuring Obituary, While She Sleeps, My Ticket Home, Stray From The Path and Motionless In White.

Obituary “Obituary”, March 17th

Florida’s legendary death metal titans Obituary look ready to provide more lo-fi deathly riffage straight off the back of their Ten Thousand Ways To Die live album. The band have been struggling to live up to the high standards they set on their earlier works, but if new single “Sentence Day” indicates where the band is heading then they can confidently break out of their creative rut.

While She Sleeps “You Are We”, April 21st

There have been big changes in the While She Sleeps camp as of late, the most notable being the band’s decision to independently release their new album through crowdfunding and building their own studio and rehearsal space. Clearly this has invigorated the group into producing their biggest anthems yet, as singles “Hurricane”, “Civil Isolation” and the title track are packed with huge choruses.


My Ticket Home TBA

Self-proclaimed purveyors of pukerock, My Ticket Home have been quietly working away on their as yet untitled new album. Their move towards nu-metal sounds produced an excellent album in Strangers Only, and hopefully the new album will follow suit- although not much has been given away aside from a cryptic image.

Stray From The Path TBA

Stray From The Path’s particular brand of issue-driven hardcore thrives on social upheaval and unrest, and if the state of America in 2017 is any indicator then the band’s latest album will be their angriest yet. Expect a barrage of bruising riffs and frontman Drew York spitting venom and calling out corruption and injustice left, right and centre.

Motionless In White “Graveyard Shift”, Early 2017

Having spent the last two albums dabbling in Marilyn Manson and Cradle Of Filth influences, it seems as though everyone’s favourite goth-metalcore troupe are looking to their roots for Graveyard Shift. Singles “570” and “Eternally Yours” show that the band haven’t lost their knack for pummelling guitars and haunting keys- old school fans will undoubtedly be pleased with the results.

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