25 Most Anticipated Releases of 2017 (Part Four)

Featuring Miss May I, We Came As Romans, Volumes, Darkest Hour and Brutality Will Prevail.

Miss May I, TBA

Having recently signed to SharpTone Records, and in doing so leaving longstanding label Rise Records, the stage is now set for Miss May I to make a fresh start. The band have stated that the new album, which is being touted for a release early 2017, is showcasing some new elements as well as a return to the style they established on second album Monument.

We Came As Romans, TBA

Much like Miss May I, We Came As Romans next album will be their debut for SharpTone Records- and the band also plans to blend old and new aspects. Vocalist Dave Stephens has recently given an insight into the band’s new songwriting process by mentioning how they’ve been writing songs as a collective, with particular focus on a heavier, metalcore-orientated sound. If recent single “Wasted Age” is an indication of where the band will be heading on the new album then there will be plenty of moshing and singing for fans to enjoy.

Volumes, “Different Animals” February

Amongst all the controversy surrounding vocalist Gus Farias, its easy to forget that Volumes are due to release their first album with new vocalist Myke Terry, and their first without former frontman Michael Barr. However, fans will have plenty to be positive about as the new material is rumoured to be the band’s strongest to date- juts listen to semi-new single “Feels Good” to get an idea of what to expect.

Darkest Hour, “Godless Prophets and The Migrant Flora” March 10th

Taking a total departure from 2014’s self-titled effort, Washington DC’s Darkest Hour have opted for a very different approach on “Godless Prophets and The Migrant Flora”. Crowdfunded and recorded with legendary Converge man Kurt Ballou, the band have never sounded more rough, ragged and downright savage- just try to listen to gnarly thrasher “Knife In The Safe Room” without having your face ripped off!


Brutality Will Prevail, “In Dark Places” March 24th

If you can’t tell by the album title, then its worth pointing out that Brutality Will Prevail’s fifth album will be far darker and gloomier than its predecessor. Harking back to their doomier sounds after the backlash of 2014’s Suspension Of Consciousness, the Welsh hardcore quintet are dragging their unruly racket into evil sinister territories, replete with old-school horror film style music videos.


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