25 Most Anticipated Releases of 2017 (Part Five)

Featuring Warbringer, Municipal Waste, Here Comes The Kraken, Kingdom Of Giants and Toxic Holocaust.

Warbringer, “Woe To The Vanquished” March 30th

Alongside fellow thrashers Havok, Warbringer have helped modernize and revitalize thrash metal back to the potent force it once was- and now they’ve returned after a four year absence with a new album of raging tunes. Drawing upon dark historical themes, as well as a “faster and meaner” sound, Woe To The Vanquished looks set to be the crowning jewel in the Warbringer back catalogue (hardly an easy feat considering how awesome Worlds Torn Asunder was).


Municipal Waste, TBA

Having finished up a new record with their side project Iron Reagan, its time now for Tony Foresta and Co. to bring thrashy-goodness and party vibes with a new Municipal Waste album. According to the band they’ve finished tracking the album mid-January, yet they’ve kept very quiet on the follow up to 2012’s The Fatal Feast.


Here Comes The Kraken, “De La Muerte”

Despite a gap of 6 years between albums and numerous line-up shuffles, Mexico’s Here Comes The Kraken are finally back to deliver skull-crushing brutality. Shunning the nu-metal influences that they experimented with on Hate, Greed and Death, the band are harking back to the technical bludgeon and ferocity of their earlier deathcore sound- expect punishing riffs and break-neck drumming in spades.


Kingdom Of Giants, “All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare” May 5th

Californians Kingdom Of Giants have very recently announced a new album in time for Spring, which they’ve accompanied with a new single as well: “Damaged Goods”. Whilst still retaining the melodic and technical metalcore that the band have become renowned for, frontman Dana Willax has shown that he’s becoming better equipped to handle the clean vocals that the band utilized effectively in their formative years.


Toxic Holocaust, TBA

Whilst Toxic Holocaust mainman Joel Grind has kept himself busy with all manner of studio and recording projects, fans of old school gnarly thrashing bangers have waited patiently for the band’s latest offering. Joel took to Facebook to give an update on the record, which is being recorded this month, and he’s revealed that he’s taken all of the song-writing responsibility and churned out some groovy and rocking tunes for fans to sink their teeth into.


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