Review: “Warpath” by Boris The Blade

a1751491968_10On their sophomore effort Boris The Blade look to up their game.

It’s hard for any band nowadays to really establish and make a name for themselves, let alone a band coming from Australia’s crowded and competitive metal/hardcore/deathcore scene. Whilst many bands have opted to carve a niche for themselves with a distinct sound, Melbourne’s Boris The Blade adhere to a style not too dissimilar to their fellow countrymen in Thy Art Is Murder. Not content to simply play note-for-note tributes to local heavyweights, Boris The Blade look to make their deathcore bluster a whole lot more nasty.

Across the ten tracks on offer on Warpath, the band lay waste with a barrage of frenetic drumming, guttural roars, technical fretwork and bruising breakdowns- all with the intention of creating a savage live performance, which they do with plenty of energy and enthusiasm. Vocalist Daniel Sharp- a focal point for the band’s verve- gives a strong performance on every song, whether he’s barking like a man possessed or spitting venom in one of his spoken word segments. The added vocal contributions from CJ McMahon (Thy Art Is Murder), Scott Lewis (Carnifex) and Tim Goergen (Within The Ruins) provide additional star-quality and heft to their respective tracks, although perhaps not so much in the way of variety (with that being said, “Omens” does have a little bit more of a haunting black metal vibe than the other tracks).


Whilst the musicianship is competent enough, and the rhythmic choruses of the title track and “Paralysed” provide the album’s highlights, there isn’t too much here on offer that hasn’t been done before. For the most part the band succeed on the strength of their technical competency and sheer intensity, but I feel the album would have really benefitted from exploring more grooves, some quiet to loud dynamics and developing their usage of atmospheric elements- all with the purpose of giving the songs a bit more character. Lets hope that Warpath can be the launch-pad for the band to pursue a few different elements of their sound on the next release.

Rating: 7/10

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