Live Review: Suicide Silence at KOKO, 24/03/2016


Suicide Silence Uk Tour 2017


Exactly one month after releasing their controversial self-titled record, Suicide Silence return to London to face the haters.

Due to a mishap with the rescheduled tickets, I get to see the last 30 seconds of openers Venom Prison. Despite this, those last thirty seconds from the female-fronted UK death metal act are crushingly heavy, and its a real shame that I missed out on them.


Venom Prison

The irony of this situation is that I actually wanted to miss the second band on the bill, however my low estimation of Deez Nuts [7] was promptly wrecked when the band took to the stage with plenty of swagger and intent. Packing huge grooves and breakdowns, the Aussie hardcore quartet garner a huge response from the audience as plenty of two-steppers and moshers take to the floor. Even a technical difficulty that stops the band for five minutes doesn’t derail their momentum, as the band leave with a few new converts in their wake.


Deez Nuts

Brushing aside the recent furore over their latest album, Suicide Silence [8] take to the stage like champs and head into a blistering rendition of “Doris”. The band seems determined to give the new material a proper airing tonight, with no less than 5 tracks from the self-titled album getting played- the strongest of which are “Doris”, “Silence” and a devastatingly heavy “Hold Me Up, Hold Me Down”. Although some of the responses to these songs may be a little tepid, they still go down a treat.


Suicide Silence

However the band don’t neglect their older material, as the KOKO is obliterated with classic crushers such as “No Pity For A Coward”, “Unanswered”, “Wake Up” and “Disengage”- all of which are played with venom and intensity that the crowd reciprocates in equal measure. The biggest response of the evening is saved for the anthemic “You Only Live Once”, as frontman Eddie Hermida leads the crowd in a massive chant of “Live life hard”. Suicide Silence 1 Haters 0.


Suicide Silence

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