Review: “Nightmare Logic” by Power Trip

a3318108490_10Long wait for the new Toxic Holocaust album got you down? Feeling unsatisfied with the latest Obituary record? Then you need to grab yourself “Nightmare Logic” from Texas’ Power Trip! Simply apply to the affected area for instant results!

I’ll be the first to admit that I had no clue who Power Trip were before stumbling across them on a brilliant episode of That’s Not Metal. However, Nightmare Logic should surely change the game for the band, as there is an undeniable sense of fun to this album that is so infectious that it can bring the band to a much larger audience.

Whilst being a crossover thrash band is nothing new, the manner in which Power Trip tear through the eight tracks on offer here is simply exhilarating, particularly when they throw in plenty of grooves and a strong death metal influence. Album highlight “Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe)” contains plenty of swaggering riffs that tightly lock into the rhythm section to create a pulsating mosh-fest. The band draw upon their hardcore roots with visceral gang vocals in the chorus that punctuates the harsher cries of vocalist Riley Gale.

The savagery doesn’t cease as the next track “Firing Squad” kicks the door in with guns blazing, as Power Trip get their thrash on with a relentlessness that reminds me of the opener to “Godly Beings” by Obituary. Its hard, heavy and tears your ears from your head in seconds. In fact, each track from start to finish is loaded with delightfully nasty riffs and rhythms that will satisfy any fan of heavy music- there’s even some gnarly Slayer-esque solo work in later songs like “If Not Us Then Who”. The fact that there’s only 8 tracks here leaves the listener ravenous for more brutality from the band- they’ve hit upon such a great alchemy of sounds and styles that its hard not to be excited by Nightmare Logic.

My personal highlight of this album has to be the production- which is delightfully old-school and distinctly eighties. Now, normally a ‘retro’ production is generally considered a euphemism for a bad production- however, it’s not the case with Power Trip. Whilst the guitars are suitably low-fi, with that chainsaw guitar tone that evokes Entombed at their most scuzzy, they cut through a production that relies heavily on reverb. The drums pound and echo as a result and the vocals feel like screams from the abyss- a once dated technique has been brilliantly deployed here to make the whole album sound massive and menacing.

If you’ve ever felt burnt out by the mid-2000s thrash revival, then this record will surely reignite that passion. Scathing brutality has never sounded so fun.

Rating: 9/10

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