A Quick Introduction


Now that that’s sorted, I think I had best explain what this blog is all about. That Djenty Fool is just a simple blog about metal music- in all its glorious forms.

As well as providing my own opinions on the latest in the metal scene, I’m more intrigued to discover what other people think. Hopefully the articles published on this blog can facilitate some form of discussion- which I will be eagerly anticipating.

If this blog achieves anything of any note I would be surprised and chuffed, and I may be tempted to expand the blog to other social media platforms (Facebook, etc.).

Aside from that, I just hope that you enjoy/share/discuss/ridicule whatever it is that gets posted here- warts (and grammar and punctuation errors) and all.

Stay metal,

That Djenty Fool


If you want to contact me personally, especially if you’re interested in arranging guest posts, then please use the contact form down below. Any bands that would like to submit an album for review are also welcome. Just send a link to your album/EP/demo, with a little bit of information about the band, as well as any images you’d like included in a post. Thanks!



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