Review: “Woe To The Vanquished” by Warbringer

a1ylilih3gl-_sl1500_The crowning jewel of Warbringer’s back catalogue. Continue reading


Saturday Slaylist 24/09/16: Darkthrone


Darkthrone circa 2015

If you’ve kept your eyes and ears peeled for all the latest news in metal, I’m sure you will have undoubtedly heard about Darkthrone this past week. Although the news that their drummer Fenriz was elected to his local town council under ironic circumstances is humorous, the real news that should be grabbing the headlines is the impending release of their latest opus: Arctic Thunder. So in preparation, I’ve compiled this weeks Slaylist to focus solely on the bands back catalogue. Continue reading

Review: “The Apothic Gloom” By Skeletonwitch

skeletonwitch-the-apothic-gloomBack in April I discussed the announcement of an upcoming Skeletonwitch EP in this blog’s very first post, as part of 5 Things I Want To See On The New Skeletonwitch EP & 1 Thing I Don’t. Now, after the months of waiting, we can finally come full circle and listen to the EP, which the band posted on SoundCloud. Continue reading

Review: “Slow Death” by Carnifex

carnifexAt last the wait is finally over. When Carnifex dropped the news that they’d be releasing a new album that, according to vocalist Scott Lewis, was going to “reshape our genre and be looked back on as an album that started a new movement for aggressive, dark metal”, the metal community collectively sat up and took notice. The band had started incorporating a few black metal influences into their deathcore palette on their post-hiatus comeback Die Without Hope, but the news that they would be heading further down that route was exciting to say the least. The three singles that they release (“Drown Me In Blood”, “Six Feet Closer To Hell” and “Slow Death”) showed that they weren’t just talking a big game but were actually delivering the goods. And now that the whole album has arrived we can finally determine if all the hype was justified. Continue reading

Review: “Nattesferd” by Kvelertak


Kvelertak- Nattesferd

It’s intriguing how change can be a force for good or bad within the context of metal. We applaud bands that progress and evolve their sound and song writing, but as soon as it goes too far the reaction swings the other way. The challenge for the majority of bands nowadays is to now try to incorporate a fine balance of new ideas and influences, without upsetting or alienating an existing fan base. In the case of Norway’s Kvelertak, they’ve thrown caution to the wind and changed a whole raft of facets of their new album (different producer, different album design, different approach to songs, etc.), but this raises the question: has the sound changed? Continue reading

5 Things I Want To See On The New Whitechapel Album & 1 Thing I Don’t


Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel

So it’s nearly been a week since Whitechapel dropped the revelation that they will be releasing their sixth album, entitled Mark Of The Blade, on June 24th. Not only that, but they’ve also debuted the title track from the album- a stomping, groovy mid-tempo number that bears all the hallmarks of Whitechapel’s sound. Even the accompanying press release from their label, Metal Blade records, sounds promising and enticing for new fans: Continue reading

Guilty Displeasures: Bands I’m Ashamed That I Don’t Like


Opeth 2014 Pale Communion


An individual’s taste is a strange creature- eager to fervently praise and adore one thing, only to be repulsed or offended by something else at a fickle turn. This notion is perhaps best embodied in the preferences of a metal fan (look no further than the comments on any band’s Facebook page or YouTube channel)- where a band can receive almost religious devotion or some of the cruellest criticisms and insults. I’m sure that the majority of the time, we feel assured in our own personal likes and dislikes- but I know there’s definitely times when I know I should like a band. They may be seen as highly influential, superb musicians, or just simply good, and yet I can’t get into it- I just can’t comprehend the adulation that some fans share with certain artists or bands. In the spirit of this confusion, I’d like to share a selection of bands that I, unfortunately, don’t like. Continue reading