Live Review: Whitechapel at Camden Underworld, 10/08/2017

16832035_10154164546591426_4057535779552166066_nIn preparation for the main stage at Bloodstock Open Air, Tennessee’s Whitechapel take to the sweaty confines of Camden Underworld. Continue reading


Review Round Up: 5 EPs To Check Out


From left to right: “I Can Tell You About Pain” Converge, “The Walls Will Fall” Terror, “FREEDOM” Crossfaith, “Bathos” Aborted and “Cycles Of Grief, Volume I: Growth” Cursed Earth

A quick round-up of 5 EPs from Converge, Terror, Crossfaith, Aborted and Cursed Earth. Continue reading

Saturday Slaylist 15/10/2016: Death Metal 101


Take your pick from these…

Along with grindcore and black metal, death metal sought to push the boundaries and extremities of metal into nastier territories. Utilising grunted vocals, down-tuned thrash riffs and a flurry of drum-work, bands challenged themselves to create some of the heaviest albums that still stand the test of time. This month, as a brief introduction to the genre, I’ll select twenty tracks from some of the biggest names in death metal: from early progenitors such as Death and Morbid Angel, to lo-fi sludgsters like Obituary and Autopsy, melodic meddlers like Carcass and At The Gates, specialists in brutality such as Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation, all the way through to contemporary acts including The Black Dahlia Murder, Aborted and Job For A Cowboy. Continue reading