Saturday Slaylist 29/10/2016: Suicide Silence


Suicide Silence circa 2016

With plenty of talk surrounding the band’s upcoming record- especially as they’ve just completed the “Straight Outta Hell” Tour with Whitechapel, Despised Icon, Carnifex and Oceano- deathcore fans are eager to hear how the band is progressing with vocalist Eddie Hermida. Recent interviews with guitarist Mark Heylmun have indicated that the band will be switching up their approach and are open to “try everything”, which can only ever be an interesting thing. So in anticipation for that impending release there’s no better way to get acquainted with the band by delving into their four existing albums- all of which are such a good standard that I can’t recommend any specific album. Continue reading

5 Things I Would Like To See On The New Emmure Album & 1 Thing I Don’t


Emmure circa 2016

If you have any sort of interest in metal, or more specifically deathcore/metalcore, you’ll be familiar with Emmure. Loved and reviled in equal measure, they’ve become whipping boys for modern metal and rather unfairly the butt of many a joke, in spite of the fact that their music can often be fairly enjoyable. With that in mind you’ll undoubtedly have heard about everyone in the band, sans vocalist Frankie Palmeri, leaving spontaneously and being replaced by most of Glass Cloud. Which brings us to the latest news: the release of a new single called “Torch”. Presumably this song will be featured on an as yet unannounced album, but I still have certain expectations and hopes for that album when it arrives. Continue reading