Review: “Loss” by Seeker

seeker_loss_3000Despite starting as a deathcore band, Seeker have mutated into something far darker, gnarlier and nastier on their sophomore effort. Continue reading


Cover Your Tracks: “Keep On Rotting In The Free World”


Carcass circa 1993

After a little break, Cover Your Tracks returns with a vengeance. Considering that I spent last week looking at some of the best bands to come out of the UK, I feel its only appropriate to feature one of my favourite British bands: Carcass. In the mid-90s the band transformed from grindcore/goregrind pioneers into towering titans of melodic death metal, culminating in their masterpiece- Heartwork. However, I’ll be drawing upon their following album, 1996’s Swansong, which upped the melodies even further and drew upon a more rock-orientated approach. Continue reading

Review: “Beast” By Despised Icon

despised-icon-beast2016 has been an excellent year for deathcore. Some of the genres key names have been releasing new albums (such as Whitechapel, Chelsea Grin and Caliban), are gearing up to release new albums (Carnifex, Thy Art Is Murder/The Acacia Strain/Fit For An Autopsy and Infant Annihilator), or have announced huge tours (such as the Straight Outta Hell Tour). Suffice to say its pretty exciting. However, by far the most exciting announcement out of the deathcore scene this year was the news that Despised Icon would be releasing a new album. After reforming back in 2014 and touring sporadically, they would finally have the chance to follow-up 2009’s Day Of Mourning. It raises an interesting question as to whether the genre’s pioneers could still remain relevant and fresh in a music scene that has grown stale and stagnant over the years. Continue reading