Saturday Slaylist 05/11/2016: Trivium


Trivium circa 2016

Its been very busy in the Trivium camp as of late. Following the release of Silence In The Snow in 2015, the band have spent the better part of this year touring in support of said album as well as promoting the rerelease of their debut opus Ember To Inferno. Seeing as the band have chosen to revisit their back catalogue, I thought it would be appropriate to do the same for this week’s Saturday Slaylist. Continue reading

5 Things I Would Like To See On The New Emmure Album & 1 Thing I Don’t


Emmure circa 2016

If you have any sort of interest in metal, or more specifically deathcore/metalcore, you’ll be familiar with Emmure. Loved and reviled in equal measure, they’ve become whipping boys for modern metal and rather unfairly the butt of many a joke, in spite of the fact that their music can often be fairly enjoyable. With that in mind you’ll undoubtedly have heard about everyone in the band, sans vocalist Frankie Palmeri, leaving spontaneously and being replaced by most of Glass Cloud. Which brings us to the latest news: the release of a new single called “Torch”. Presumably this song will be featured on an as yet unannounced album, but I still have certain expectations and hopes for that album when it arrives. Continue reading

Saturday Slaylist 01/10/2016: The Devil Wears Prada


The Devil Wears Prada circa 2016

There’s no better way to kick off the month with everyone’s favourite Christian metalcore band: The Devil Wears Prada. In fact, their new album Transit Blues will be arriving on the 7th, so dive into this playlist to get yourself more acquainted with the band. Continue reading

Review: “Infinite / Unknown” by Carcer City

ftp7v53y4cuIts been nearly four years since Liverpool’s Carcer City released an album (2012’s The Road Journals), but plenty has changed for the band in that time. After experiencing a serious bus crash and a line-up change, its understandable that the band would be transformed after such trials and tribulations- a change that is reflected in their latest opus, Infinite / Unknown. Continue reading

Saturday Slaylist 17/09/16: Unearth


Unearth circa 2015

For this week’s Saturday Slaylist I thought I’d shine the spotlight on one of my favourite bands: Unearth. Although the band are often labelled as metalcore, there is far more to them than your standard genre tropes. For nearly twenty years the band have blended their beefed-up breakdowns with neo-classical tinged shredding and more hooks than a fisherman’s convention. Continue reading

Live Review: Parkway Drive at Reading Festival, 27/08/2016

Sandra Sorensen Band Photography London

Photo Credit: Sandra Sorenson

Although Reading Festival is no stranger to the sounds of metal- after all, Metallica headlined last year- this years line up seemed somewhat thin on heavier acts. Nevertheless, the main stage still played host to arguably Australia’s most successful metal band: Parkway Drive. Continue reading